"This is great! doesn't matter what kind of music you write,, you can literally reggae it to whatever extent you like with this pack.  Warm fuzzy and clean basses. Horns, fx, vocals, some with fx some dry , just so much choice and variation. Brilliant!" Inland Knights 10/10

"Great all round Dub/Reggae Sample Pack. Lots of versatility on the sounds, great one-shots too.  I have had quite a few of the Dub/Reggae Sample Pack's and this is probably the best i have heard so far." Ed Solo 9/10

"More Dubmatix what can i say that i have not already said about these packs. They are quality and essential if you want to add some roots to your music. everything you need is here, to cut up and flip how you feel fit. drums & bass and synths, guitars, horns the lot. Get this and go and get everything else dubmatix has released with loop masters." Need For Mirrors 10/10

(Demos available when you click through) 

you bring the fusion of Dub & Reggae to your latest productions.

Rare Groove Instrumentals

(Demos available when you click through) 

Loopmasters proudly present Rare Groove Instrumentals – a soulfully rich collection of melodic loops inspired by early Rare Groove and Soul records.  Brought to you by Bill King and Dubmatix this incredible sample collection will reward producers of House, Hip Hop and Soul with a wealth of crate digging material to power their productions for a very long time.

Performed by Bill King and Recorded and Produced to perfection by Dubmatix this 100% royalty free collection is literally dripping with authentic soul hooks that would not seem out of place on the scarcest import records.

Dubtronic - the latest maschine & ableton expansion from Dubmatix 
(Demos available when you click through)

Dubtronic pulls heavy influences from Dub, Reggae & Electronica to create something truly fresh and inspiring. Sit back and feel the unique vibes as you experience the groove of Classic Drums, Booming Basslines, Twisted FX and Iconic Skanking Synths. Bringing you a timeless collection of 15 kits, expertly crafted to suit your projects and ignite your inspiration. Available for Maschine & Ableton Live.Download taster pack (Loopmasters)

Organic Trip Hop & Scratch 
(Demos available when you click through) 

Loopmasters proudly present Organic Trip Hop & Scratch; a comprehensive collection of Trip Hop that flows from ethereal heights to the dark and bass driven depths of the underworld whilst covering all ground in-between and is probably the most authentic Trip Hop sample collection to date. Ready and waiting to be used and abused by Experimental Beatmakers everywhere all 100% royalty free!

Download Free Taster Pack  (Loopmasters)
Produced by Dubmatix & iLLorn


(NEW) HIP HOP ARRIVAL 01 - Attack of the IllMatix

Dubmatix & Illorn come together as ILLMATIX

Loopmasters present Hip Hop Arrival – Attack Of The Illmatix, the first in a brand new series of other worldly Hip Hop.

The year is 2030 and the plan to overthrow the universe by a dark and sinister force has been put into action. In a planned series of attacks, gangs of nefarious extra-terrestrials head for the Earth with one aim DETROY IT ALL!

(Demos available when you click through) 

Vibronics presents Sound System Dub Vol. 1

Loopmasters present Sound System Dub, a chest rattling display of raw dub ethics from UK system shakers Vibronics. This is a monolithic slab of the weightiest vibrations available – so proceed with caution, as these 100% royalty free sonics are not to be messed with hastily. Come to experience true sound system pressure!

(Demos available when you click through) 


Organic Trip Hop & Scratch Vol 2

(Demos available when you click through) 

Loopmasters proudly present Organic Trip Hop & Scratch 2 - the sequel to the most authentic Trip Hop sample collection to date. The outcome is a symphony of Trip Hop that is sure to inspire the new generation of dark Hip Hop soldiers for now and long into the future. Expect to hear Crunchy Beats, Epic Cinematic Melodies and seriously Heavy Bass. Ready and waiting to be used and abused by Experimental Beatmakers everywhere all 100% royalty free!

Organic Trip Hop & Scratch 2 sees the return of the talents of industry heavyweight Dubmatix bringing the beats, melodics and Dubs alongside turntablist Illorn who got busy scratching and remixing the audio for that authentic 90s Bristol vibe

Dub & Reggae Vol 2 (maschine, ableton)

(Demos available when you click through) 

Niche Audio are proud to bring you the follow up to one of our much loved production packs. Formatted Specifically for Maschine 2 and Ableton live. Turn up the bass and get ready to experience the lush vibes of Dub & Reggae Vol. 2.

Picking up where the original left off; Dub & Reggae Vol 2 brings a fresh selection of Smooth Subs and Booming Basslines as well as Classic Drums, Iconic Skanking Guitars and Dubby Synth Lines all expertly formatted and ready to use straight out of the virtual box.

Dub & Reggae Vol. 2 brings you a timeless collection of 15 kits, lovingly crafted to suit your projects and ignite your inspiration. Lose yourself to the grooves as

Thievery Corp track - the intro uses drums from my Reggae Soundclash loop pack and a few others samples. Big ups! Really cool to hear how people utilize loops from my various packs.


Funk & Soul Keys - Bill King  
Preview & Purchase (Loopmasters)     Produced by Dubmatix

Organic Loops are very excited to present Bill King Funk and Soul Keys – a timeless collection of iconic Keys from a man whose production credits include Janis Joplin and the Pointer Sisters. Provided for you 100% royalty free, this is the ultimate collection of Keys from one of the guys who was there in the 1960s, and stayed true to the sound.  


Here's a selection of loop packs I've purchased and continue to go back to over the years.

One of the best horn packs I've heard to date. I've used this for riffs and hits numerous times and will continue to. Excellent production and recording.

Buy for: Flexibility of flat or dubbed horns, authentic sounding riffs / lines and one shots. 
I've had this one for many years and to this day, I'll open it up for percussion and rolls. Great roots sound with a lot of variety in the drum patterns. You'll use this one for many years.

Buy for: Drum rolls, hits, percussion and some of the drum patterns
There are always tracks that could use that extra little something and this is one of the packs. It's a go-to pack that will always be handy.

Buy for: A nice collection of vocal hits that works in so many styles of music. It's that little bit of spice added to any track. 
What can I day - it's Dennis Alcapone. Foundation loop pack with all the right freestyle hits and loops we know Alcapone for. Especially great on productions leaning towards rocksteady, ska and roots sound system style.

Buy for: Because its Alcapone doing Alcapone and its cool 
Excellent loop pack with a lot of diversity of loops, instruments and hits (one shots). I used the hits and layered them into a few of my tracks to create a different tone.

Buy for: hits, drums, horns
A new release from Loopmasters. This give those of us who can't scratch and want to add some of that special scratch flavour into our productions - this is the loop pack. Lots of varying styles, sounds and loops to play with. This is one of those loop packs that you'll go back to for years.

Buy for: Great overall elements to add to any track and that works in so many musical styles. 
Dub and Reggae Samples from Loopmasters